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Rider Position

A rider’s own physical state plays a large role in the proper development and balance of a horse. An unbalanced or uneducated rider will often interfere with the horse’s balance and hinder their development. To prevent this negative interference, the rider must make a commitment to their own personal development. Stretching and suppling exercises for the rider with and without an exercise ball can be used to correct imbalances and assist riders in their ability to flow with their horse. Without proper education of the seat, leg, and hand, a rider will not have the tools required to properly stretch, supple, and strengthen their horse to create the best athlete possible. A horse is only as good as its rider; therefore, it is imperative that the rider gain the education necessary in order to refrain from interfering with the horse’s range of motion. Once riders undertake this challenge, they will achieve the ability to more accurately and effortlessly lead their horse’s energy.