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“I am not a trainer and I do not ride. I do understand mechanics and the horse’s movement. Watching Arlyn ride is classical. The way she is able to get a horse to soften and collect. She doesn’t force; she flows with the horse. She’s like watching poetry; it’s comfortable. Feeling a horse after Arlyn has suppled them up properly is amazing. She teaches the horse how to use its body properly." -Dino Frettered, Equine Body Worker

“She has a special feel for the intuitive knowledge of how their minds and bodies work as well as years and years of experience. She’s a huge part of Sun Cal’s King having the best year of his career.” - Darren, "Dagwood" Roberts, Joie Gatlin’s Stable Manager

Mandy Porter-rider and trainer of the 2006 PCHA Horse of the Year, Summer, puts it simply...“Arlyn considers the well-being of the whole horse... And the reward is a whole horse.”

“I have enjoyed working with Arlyn because of her clear and precise manner. She is focused, organized, and always has a plan. Her knowledge of the movement of the horse is vast.” - Gail Gregson, Lifetime Equestrian

Her methodology is incredible. Without fail, if Arlyn says that when you do A, B &C you will get D, that is exactly what will happen.” Mia goes on. “If you are training performers, why wouldn’t you go to someone who really understands the anatomy and performance of both horse and rider? Arlyn was the first person that did not try to teach me how to win. She taught me how to ride.” - Mia Beckham, A/O Jumper Competitor

“Arlyn’s teaching, riding, and management is to the point, if you want an honest opinion that takes into account the whole big picture analyzing the horse and the rider both physically and mentally then you have come to the right place.” – Katrina D’Anca, Former Top Junior Competitor

“Arlyn is deeply committed to improving the physical and mental state of the horse. Her method works.” - Sally Black, Trainer North Coast Equestrian, Board Member, Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association

“When a horse and rider are both balanced you have a willing partnership. The horse doesn’t need to be forced or manipulated. You have a happy horse. Arlyn is the first person that has been able to talk the talk and walk the walk.” - Diana Yeater, Owner/Trainer Brooktree

“Arlyn’s system has taught me to allow my horses to respond effortlessly.” - Elizabeth Blaisdell, Owner/Trainer Harvest Moon Stables

“ “Arlyn’s extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the horse and rider along with her unique training methods have helped put many struggling horses and riders on the road to successful balanced riding. Arlyn doesn’t just teach you how to sit on a horse; she takes the time to teach you how to really ride.” -Julie Weisz, Winner of the 2003 Onondarka Medal Finals

“I watched Arlyn DeCicco help Mandy Porter and Joie Gatlin with their horses. I watched Arlyn help my son, Gatlan. Arlyn always starts training new clients by thanking them. She says, ‘You can already walk, trot & canter. You don’t need me to do that. I’m here to help you and your horse do it better.’” -Sally Haddon, Beginner Instructor, Chestnut Hills Equestrian Center