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My Philosoply: Balanced Equine Training


My goal is to give riders the tools they need in order to 'lead' their horses without inhibiting their movement. By adhering to the concept of 'less is more,' I teach riders how to guide their horses' energy so that riding becomes effortless rather than forced. Through various aerobic exercises and the philosophy of Stretch, Supple, and Strengthen, the horse's musculature can be developed to create a more balanced and adjustable horse. The rider's imbalances are also corrected so that they do not interfere with the horse's range of motion. This allows the rider to create the most adjustable horse which leads to success in whatever venue the rider pursues.

My Services

San Diego Area:

I am available to travel to your facility for training and instruction. If you have a trainer and with their permission I can work in conjunction with your trainer to improve your horse's range of motion, flexibility and adjustability.

Out of Area:

I am available for clinics that would ideally consist of 5-7 horses with individual training/instruction over 3 days. Each horse and rider combination is different and requires individual assessment. Once a rider is comfortable with my Stretch, Supple, Strengthen program it can be applied to all other rides.