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Fiona, Rider/Trainer: Elizabeth Blaisdell

2007 USEF Zone 10 Reserve Champion 2nd Year Green Working Hunter, Owner: KCG, Inc & The Satterlee Family

EliabethWhen Elizabeth approached me to work with Fiona I hesitated due to her size. Fiona is an amazing athlete. She had previously done very well but was missing some tools. Adjustability is directly related to suppleness. There was no suppleness. Slowly but surely I had Elizabeth introduce exercises that allowed Fiona to breathe properly and find her correct range of motion. I helped Elizabeth achieve the best movement and recreate it with less effort. The mare’s balance improved and her jump became amazingly consistent. Fiona was also reserve Champion in the Del Mar National and Champion 2nd Year Green Working Hunter at the LA Nationals Jumping Festival.

Suncal's King, Rider/Trainer: Joie Gatlin

2006 World Cup Competitor, Owner: Canyon Capital Insurance

JoieNinoI began working with SunCal's King (“Pete”) and Joie Gatlin in December 2005 after being recommended by Darren “Dagwood” Roberts. Joie, a world-class competitor, was very receptive to my ideas. We began a balance program that focused on stretching all the top-line muscles and improving his breathing. Pete was light enough in the hand but was not pushing enough from behind. We implemented weight-bearing exercises in conjunction with lateral work. His endomorphic body type allowed a rapid transformation of his hind end. Joie has incorporated my program with her other horses.

Summer, Rider/Trainer: Mandy Porter

2006 Pacific Coast Grand Prix Horse of the Year, Owner: Wild Turkey Farm


Summer’s musculature was out of balance when I began to work with her in March 2006. She wasn’t as supple laterally as she needed to be which made her the perfect candidate for Stretch, Supple and Strengthen. I began by asking Mandy to do exercises that would increase Summer’s ability to breathe properly. I then added lateral and longitudinal exercises to decrease improperly developed musculature. As a world-class rider Mandy understood that Summer’s “shape” needed to improve. Mandy continued to compete Summer while implementing the program. As a result, her top line began to stretch and supple, the muscle masses began to redistribute themselves, and she became more flexible. When we came to the strengthening phase we were able to create Summer’s three balanced and adjustable canters.

Glenn 93, Rider: Yuko Itakura, Owner: Yasuko Itakura

I began working with Glenn in 2004. Glenn was a 16-year old gelding in reconditioning training without any immediate goal. I had planned to modify his stretching and suppling program to accommodate his age, but when he gave the most athletic spook I have ever felt, I decided he was capable of a higher level of work. Although Glenn had tremendous strength, he lacked suppleness. Keeping him in front of my leg and getting him to breathe evenly changed everything. Once he stopped holding his breath, energy flowed through his whole body and he became more fluid (even when he spooked!) In 2005, he competed successfully at Indio and Spruce Meadows.

Gatlan Haddon

Gatlan Haddon I had the opportunity to work with Gatlan Haddon for six months in 2006. He was a very talented 17-year old Junior rider that displayed intense dedication and determination. Gatlan embraced my program of Stretch, Supple and Strengthen with phenomenal results. Shortly thereafter Gatlan was given the opportunity to re-train a young underdeveloped warmblood gelding, Pepino. Gatlan was able to improve the gelding's balance and flexibility. Together at the GSDHJA 2006 Championship show they finished Reserve Champion in the 4’ open jumper division and Champion in the 3’6” open jumper division, which placed them 3rd overall year end in both of these divisions. Shortly thereafter Pepino was sold to an amateur-owner jumper rider.